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Laughing Buddhas

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Bella Scents is carrying laughing buddha statues for your home that attracts wealth, luck, and prosperity.  Great time to set new intentions with the New Year. The big, round belly and the happy smiling face exude happiness. The colour red is the colour of the fire element which it represents good fortune and festivity. It is also a colour associated with passion, thus it may be appropriate for home offices.

Each Buddha has a different meaning. They are approx 2" or 2.5" high and 1 3/4 wide (height varies per statue).

1. Laughing Buddha with both hands raised signifies success in financial matters or personal obstacles. Also, this pose brings blessings from heaven.

2. A laughing Buddha with a wealth ball (a gold nugget) in his hand(s) would be a good choice if you want to attract prosperity and wealth.

3. A Laughing Buddha wearing a hat signifies having a long, happy, healthy life that is carefree.

4. A Laughing Buddha with a bag (often over his shoulder) signifies that all your woes and troubles will be placed in the bag and taken away from you. It can also mean it is filled with gold and wealth will come to you.

5. If the Laughing Buddha is sitting, it is considered to be a sign of  love and it symbolizes balance of thoughts and tranquility.

6. A Laughing Buddha holding a fan represents the waving away of all negative energy and any troubles or concerns a person might have. If you want to to learn the secrets of Divine Wisdom, this is a good statue for you to choose.

Placement of Buddhas 

At the front entrance (facing into the dwelling) to bring in a windfall of money  or to increase you income flow. On your work desk to bring harmony to your job and with co-workers. In your car to promote traveling. In the living room (facing the front door) or in your meditation space.

 Do not place them on the floor, in the bathroom, in the kitchen or on electronics.



-Burns Longer and Cleaner

-100% Natural and Renewable


-Soap & Water Clean-up


-Natural Cotton Wicks

How to use

The first burn of the candle is critical in avoiding tunneling. Soy candles have a memory that determines each subsequent burn. With that said it is important that for the first burn the candle stays lit for approximately 3 hours, till the pool of melted wax reaches the edges of the candle. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Keep your candle on a flat, heat -safe surface, away from drafts. Keep your candle out of the reach of children and pets.


Trim the wick to 1/8”.

If candle flame gets too big:

• Extinguish flame

• Trim wick

• Light againCleaning your jar …Discard any leftover wax by scooping it out with a spoon and tossing it in the garbage. Wash with hot soapy water and pop the wick off with a spoon it should pop off easily. Never pour the melted wax down the drain, it will cool and solidify and clog your drain.

With you clean candle jar or tin, here are some different ways to up-cycle the jars and tins

• Planter for small plants or succulents

• Use for pens or pencil on your desktop

• Bathroom storage

• Use tins for organizing arts and crafts supplies, jewelry, hair ties


Fill Your Entire Home With a Fragrant and Calming Aroma

Bella Scents recognized a need for more at home self-care by creating and
hand making products such as Scented Soy Candles and Lavender Salve. We
pride ourselves in being eco-friendly. While both using the best quality
ingredients free from harmful chemicals and sourced ethically in our products
and looking at our footprint by offering reusable, recyclable packaging.

  • Hand-crafted Products

    Each candle is made in a small batch style and hand poured with love. While using the best quality ingredients free from harmful chemicals.

  • 100% Vegan Formulas

    Our Candle's ingredients are ethically sourced and our footprint offers reusable and recyclable packaging as well as completely free of animal-derived substances.

  • Everything is Made in Canada

    Our Candles are made in Canada and our ingredients are sourced from Local Canadian businesses. So you can support Canadian businesses

  • Biodegradable & Petroleum free

    Our Candles are made with non-toxic, biodegradable and has clean-burn. As well as our candles are certified Kosher.


Scents for Relaxation, Eco-Friendly, Free from Harmful Chemical and Ethically Sourced Ingredients.